A book of minutes of a possible urbanization can be legalized when in the Registry there are only various notes of segregation of parcels on the margin of a property, without any indication about the rest and without the attribution of a part being recorded in the registration of the segregated properties undivided over said remainder, because although there are buildings on the plots, there is no registry evidence of the existence of an urban complex, real estate complex or private urbanization whose books can be legalized under the provisions of article 17 of the Horizontal Property Law.

Legalization of books.- Segregated 40 parcels of a farm, expressing in their respective inscriptions that each one corresponds to 1/40 undivided part of the rest of the parent farm destined to green areas, access, roads, expansion and recreation, but being indicated on the folio of the parent property, apart from the segregation note, only that the rest not described constitute the green areas of access and expansion and recreation roads, without prejudice to the fact that if the titles that gave rise were presented again to segregations, the existence of such holdings could be reflected in the parent estate, thereby creating a situation that would allow the application of certain precepts of the Horizontal Property Law by analogy, including Article 17, which would make it possible to apply Article 415 of the Mortgage Regulations on legalization of the minutes books of the Boards, the truth is that in the current situation the folio of the parent estate proclaims the existence of a individual identity that makes it impossible to access the intended legalization.

Legalization of books.- Once the legalization of a mobile sheet minute book has been requested and carried by computer means before the previously existing one is exhausted, there is no inconvenience in acceding to said claim, although the agreement of the Board of owners must be previously accredited in In favor of the new system of mobile leaves, and once it has been relapsed, the old and the new book must be presented to the Registrar so that he can extend in that one, after the last entry reflected, the pertinent expressive closing diligence of the cause that justifies and proceeds to the uselessness of the blank pages and practice in the new book the diligence foreseen in the 5th rule of article 415.1ยบ, expressing the closing of the previous one as has been exposed.

Legalization of books.